Stake FLOOR to receive rebase rewards
FLOOR must be staked with the FloorDAO protocol in order to receive rebase rewards. Staked FLOOR is represented as sFLOOR and automatically accrues with each rebase.
Each rebase epoch is 8 hours.
sFLOOR can also be "wrapped" into gFLOOR to take part in governance, keep the token amount static (1 gFLOOR = 1 gFLOOR regardless of rebases), and track the index of rebases.
  • Stake FLOOR to receive sFLOOR in a 1:1 ratio
  • Accrue rebase rewards, in terms of sFLOOR, from protocol emissions
  • Wrap sFLOOR into gFLOOR to take part in governance
  • Unstake sFLOOR to receive FLOOR back in the same 1:1 ratio
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