Sweep Power (Vote Locking)

Sweep Power is used to vote in FloorDAO governance. It is generated by locking FLOOR tokens with a maximum lock time of 12 weeks and a minimum lock time of 4 weeks. The longer the lock, the more Sweep Power (SP) is generated per FLOOR. At the max lock time of 12 weeks, 1 FLOOR = 1 SP.

Importantly, Sweep Power does not expire and remains constant over time. A user whose lock time remaining has fallen below the minimum lock period of 4 weeks will be automatically relocked when voting in the Floor Wars.

Early Exit Penalties

Users are able to unlock their FLOOR at any time after an initial 4 week minimum lock period, however early exits incur a penalty paid in FLOOR which is sent to the DAO. The amount paid follows a linear degradation curve that falls from 100% to 0% at the lock expiry.

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