Onchain Voting

The long-term goal for FloorDAO governance is to move all aspects of the DAO onchain. This will execute on the DAO's original vision to have FLOOR operate as a pure governance token with guarantees about its control over the protocol.

In V2 the two key governance mechanisms, Sweep Wars and Collection Wars are moved onchain with the multi-sig acting solely as a temporary steward of the DAO.

Offchain Voting

Offchain voting continues to take place in the form of Discord and Forum discussion followed by Snapshot voting, which is used for signalling support for decisions outside of those that are made onchain. Offchain voting is, by definition, non-binding, but its role has historically been valuable for executing proposals from the community.

Forum Proposals


  • Include a FIP (FloorDAO Improvement Proposal) number in the post title.

  • Add a poll option in your proposal.

  • Start a discussion in Discord, or General Forum prior to posting a proposal.

  • Be ready to engage with the community e.g. by answering their replies, addressing their concerns.

Snapshot Proposals

Criteria for a Snapshot Vote

  • The proposal should be live for at least one day.

  • The proposal should receive at least three posts from different members in the forum or Discord to ensure sufficient engagement.

  • The author should indicate clearly when the Snapshot vote shall commence (see the Template section below).

## Summary
A simple description of the proposal’s end result and desired change; should be no more than a few succinct sentences.

## Motivation
Explain why this proposal is necessary or useful for the protocol. The author is encouraged to add visual elements such as charts to support their arguments.

## Proposal
Lay out your proposal - explain how it is going to tackle the issue at hand and present the action items.

## Polling Period
The polling process begins now and will end at HH:MM UTC on YYYY-MM-DD. After this, a Snapshot vote will be put up at HH:MM UTC on YYYY-MM-DD.

## Poll
For: Action taken if this proposal is accepted.
Against: Action taken if this proposal is rejected.


As a necessary step to guide the DAO to its decentralized future, a 3 of 6 multi-sig is used to execute on behalf of the community and to protect the initial vision and interests of the DAO. The purpose of the multi-sig is not to benefit or enrich FLOOR holders but to execute on the DAO's vision to build a decentralized liquidity coordination tool that is owned by token holders.

As the treasury expands the number of signers and execution threshold will also increase to provide greater levels of security until such a time that the DAO can be safely decentralized.

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